My colleagues call me Bella and I have worked at Farley since 2014.

I have a background in creative writing and copy writing; you can find some examples on our Facebook page!

I have a passion for interior design, eating, and the theatre; but my secret talents are micromanaging, filing paperwork, and implementing unusual conversation starters.

The weirdest prop request I’ve received was for a stack of gold bars.  If I had a stack of gold bars I would not be writing this in East Acton!

One of my favourite props in the collection is our Art Deco onyx ink set because who doesn’t love good stationery?  My least favourite prop is our mirrored black coffee table because it’s a constant battle to keep it fingerprint free.

My time at Farley so far has broadened my knowledge on antiques and allowed me to meet some lovely and incredibly talented people.  It has also got me hooked on an expensive and dangerous coffee habit.