I am the newest recruit having, joined Farley in November 2015, working between the Spiller and Props Galore departments.

After 13 years in administration and retail I had a small mid-life crisis and ran away to London to train as an actress. After an illustrious, if short, career on the boards I reverted to my other main passion of antiques and history. I have spent the last four years working in auction houses before finding the perfect combination of both loves in the prop hire industry. I used to collect vanity items, books, fans and jewellery before I ran out of space and money.  I have a particular love for Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles and in my next life I’d like to be Ginger Rogers.

In my spare time I take care of other people’s pets, read voraciously and I’ve been described as a weird hybrid of outgoing performer and deeply nerdy historian. If you want to know anything about medieval kingship I’m your gal.  I’m currently studying History and Archaeology for the fun of it and am easily distracted by sparkly things.